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Real-Time Metal and Alloy Quotations

Constant monitoring of metal and alloy prices
for accurate and timely analysis

FT Mercati 's Real-Time Metal and Alloy Quotation Service values the components of each alloy and calculates the VMP - Primary Metal Value.
This is the starting point for determining the cost of each alloy, whether in the world of scrap, semi-finished or finished products. The VMP trend moves the entire value chain.

Real-Time Metal Quotation: How it works in service

Alloys are composed of a combination of metals and other elements, and their composition influences their mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. Our Service carefully analyses the composition of each alloy, identifying the metals present and assessing their contribution to the overall value.

Real-Time Metal Quotation: VMP Calculation

The Primary Metallurgical Value represents the intrinsic value of an alloy and takes into account the prices of the individual metals and their quantities in the alloy itself. The calculation of the MPV is fundamental in establishing the sale or purchase price of an alloy. This value is used both in the scrap market, where alloys are recycled, and in the world of semi-finished and finished products.
The FT Mercati Service provides an in-depth view of alloys, enabling companies to make informed decisions about which materials to use. In both the world of scrap and finished products, VMP calculation is essential for efficient resource management and sustainable production.

Real-time metal and alloy quotations Real-Time Metal Quotation: VMP Calculation